Can't Believe it!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Wow, this is crazy! 2nd in the west and 10th overall in the US. After all those hours of racing throughout all three rounds, the countless track resets, ghosts and no ghosts and tight deadlines, I actually did the unbelievable. I made that cut into the national final!

Some really close racing from a bunch of very fast people, but a big shout out goes out to TRC_Hunk, learned so much from him and for him not to make it really sucks. Thanks to my brother who drove alternative lines and got me going faster, as well as the rest of my "race team".


jimbo said...

don't lie, you did that in photoshop huh?

Iliya Bridan said...

Ah, damn how did you figure it out?
I though i was pretty good at Photoshop. :P

mike kim said...

oh shiet!

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